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When you start a site such as this, its always difficult to tell how well you are doing and how useful your material is, so I rely very much on on feedback from participants at my workshops and from readers of the site to guide me in making improvements.

Here is a selection of your comments. Please do feel free to add your own at the foot of the page:

"Why didn't I see this five years ago -or even 3 months ago when I finally conceded defeat and gave up teaching!!!

No matter, it's a gem and I'm so glad I was shown this - thank you, Rob, for this link in your TES advice....It's great advice/help/support. Infact, I e-mailed the web-link (?)to my husband -still on the frontline, sorry, classroom and he thought so highly of it after reading just 2 or 3 paragraphs, he e-mailed it to 'all users' at his school!!"


"I came across your website on a tes forum and I'm so glad I did. I'm applying for ta positions to gain experience as I'm also applying for PGCE and GTP programs for the year 2010/2011 and I feel a lot more confident after reading this site about questions aimed at me in interviews regarding behaviour management. I also feel like it has given me a step by step guide to use as a base to start on. Thank you very much. I just thought I'd let you know as well that I'm applying for both the GTP and PGCE next year and feel a lot more at ease in facing the questions on behaviour management in interviews. This is the best site by far that I have come across, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on the subject."


"Very interesting. I knew that I was faking it sometimes, deliberately altering my behaviour in a way that gives me more confidence, but didn't know that teachers, the supreme beings also needed to fake their status.

Some very useful information. Thank you."

Jackie Kerry

"Rob, I have come across your website whilst surfing the net...looking into my new addiction; NLP.

I recently gained my practioner certificate, and am desperate to combine NLP with my teaching and position of Head of Year 11. NLP has provided me with the curiosity and desire to extend my teaching further and your website has provided me with further inspiration..oh and great relief that someone else recognises the values of NLP in education."

Sarah Levai

"I have found this extremely interesting and I am a teacher of 30 years experience who always gets excellent comments for classroom management!I have emailed it to my son who is doing his PGCE and I think it should be made part of the teacher training ."

Susan Kindred

"This advice is so useful - well done for articulating these thoughts - I've observed these in many different teachers but wouldn't have been able to articulate exactly why I thought they had the 'respect' of the class. Fascinating reading."


"I felt the site is extremely useful and I appreciate what you have done. I started my teaching career last week in one of the private schools in Oman. I felt the main problem of the school is lack of discipline. I felt so depressed in these days as i could not do my job perfectly as there was no discipline in the class room. I will try your methods in next days and hope it will work out. Please suggest me some more ways for me to get acceptance as a good chemistry teacher. Thanks a lot sir !"


"As an experienced TA I always welcome advice because it is a job which we continue to learn. Thank you very much for an informative site."

Laura DaCosta

"I've recently been appointed principal of a small private school in an unfamiliar school system. This article reinforced some of my own beliefs while helping me to extablish a system of discipline in my school. In 15 weeks The level of discipline has improved noticeably and while some parents resisted in the first few weeks many are now expressing their appreciation of the school's efforts. Thank you!"

Will, Guyana.

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