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by Andy Coleman

An experience I had in Status management (in the classroom) using a certain technique, was using the "head still" trick when left alone with a class that I then dismissed.

Having not been in control of a class in this situation before and having only "known" the class for two weeks (as a new TA), this was potentially a nerve racking and "hostile" situation for myself, and also for the class, as this was the first time the class had been left in my control which could have lead to confusion.

However the possible upset and confusion was overcome.

This was a relatively easy experience due to the status technique used.

The technique used involved standing at the front of the classroom, not moving my head and not speaking to any of the students, while at the same time looking around the class directly at individual students in turn - almost silencing them individually with "a look".

I believe silencing the class was also key to commanding the Status / respect needed to control the room.

This meant the class were silent just before the bell sounded which allowed me to dismiss the class row by row with little confusion.

I would recommend this technique to a teacher wanting to command respect in the classroom.

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Jan 18, 2011
Good thinking
by: Anonymous

Great! Makes sense and works!

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