How I created an Education E-Business.

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Often when I read teacher forums, such as the excellent one on I read the results of stress, burnout and sheer fatigue. To deal with my own, I tried most stress and time management techniques. However, I became a victim of burnout in 2003, when I left my full time job and became a supply (substitute) teacher and took on a part time contract, teaching Media Studies. I loved the lifestyle and the different income streams and jobs. By 2006 however, my finances were such that I needed a full time job, but went into Special Education full time. I love it.

In that year, I read a book that changed everything for me: Tim Ferris’ ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ (see above) Its amazing. His concept of lifestyle design through a mobile web business is truly inspiring. My only problem was that I was a total web novice. By pure accident, I discovered Solo Build It (SBI) on the web at around the same time. The result was my rather professional-looking (if I say so myself) website was born in 2009.

The benefit for me is that I can create a great site, making use of my hard-won experience, watch it help others, generate an income and work towards building a lifestyle that will release me from having to teach when I no longer have the will or the energy.

I know all teachers of a certain age are caught in this career conundrum of whether to ‘move up the greasy pole of management’ or move out. Many feel that re-training for another profession would be too much. In the current economic climate, our options are more limited. Mothers with families are constantly working out how to juggle career with parenthood.

If you are interested in creating a web business based on your own interests (not necessarily education-related) and have little experience or time, then SBI is a company I can recommend.

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