From an experienced teacher

by Nancy

The behaviour blueprint is an insightful read for every teacher. Clear and honest practical ideas that can put into practise straight away. I particularly like the holistic approach Rob has taken, starting at the basics, how to improve and ending with how to stay happy and healthy. With so many teachers leaving the profession after just a few years this kind of advice is essential in maintaining a happy work/life balance. As an experienced teacher, I found myself nodding away to the ideas and practises described in the book. However, what I loved most was that although I am doing lots of what Rob describes, I have never thought about what I actually do in this way before. I am now equipped with the language to be able to articulate my own behaviour management and the confidence that what I am doing does work. I have also come away with the feeling that actually I am doing a good job and that is something that doesn’t happen every day!

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