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About Me

Hi my name is Rob Salter and this is my 20th year of teaching.

I work in a large mixed high school in London and teach pupils with Special Educational Needs, although before that I taught Drama, French and Media Studies for many years.

The journey to where I am today began around around five years ago, when one day, I was sitting in the staff room next to Julie, a cover supervisor that I knew well.

Julie looked exhausted and unhappy.

In fact she confided in me that she was stressed and dreading her next class. She just didn't seem able to get them to listen to her or to really take her seriously and it was getting her down.

Why was it, she asked, that some people had the 'knack' or the ability of walking into a room and taking control. How on earth did they do it?

And more importantly, could 'the knack' be taught?

Before I knew it, I was holding forth about my own theories and teaching Julie a few of the basic acting and breathing techniques that I was teaching my Drama students at that time.

She went off and I didn't think much of it, except how weird it seemed to be teaching acting to a teacher!

The next morning, Julie found me in the staff room.

"Rob, you're a genius' it worked amazingly. They totally listened to me and did what I said. I feel like a completely different person in the classroom. I'm so much happier"

The compliment felt nice but I thought the real geniuses are the Drama theorists who codified the simple techniques that I had given her.

The Website

I didn't really think about it again until a few years later when I met another cover supervisor, this time a slight, reserved lady called Aisha who turned into a lion after a similar session with me.

In fact, some of the pupils that she had been having problems with had started to complain that she was scaring them after she learned how to 'act' very strict.

(you can see a short video clip of this working here) Another few years passed and I was sitting in a middle management course thinking about what kind of whole school project I could create in order to pass the course.

I like a challenge and had wanted to learn how to build a web site for years so I thought I'd create a free web resource, which would also challenge me to put my ideas down in a coherent form.

Five years on from that first conversation and I am writing this introduction to the first book I have ever written. Now I'm the one who is scared!

The Book

The story behind the book is simple.

When you work in Special Education you often work in class with your pupils and their class teacher. This has meant that over the last four years I have seen close to 35 different teachers teach the same group of pupils.

That puts me in a unique and privileged position.

As you can imagine the same kids will often behave totally differently for different teachers.

I didn't really think too much about this until one day I had the realisation that the teachers who had the fewest Behavior problems in their classes were actually all doing the same things.

And those with the most problems were not. It was that simple.

The Behavior Blueprint tells you what the best teachers do, day in, day out to make their jobs and their lives less stressful.

My next move was to try and test my theory and the book begins where I try teaching the Blueprint to a novice teacher who is about to take my (rather challenging) class.

Once I realised that I could actually teach a combination of basic acting techniques with the Blueprint principles, I realised that I had something important to share.

Eventually, the book became a lot more than these principles.

About three years had elapsed since I wrote my website and I had made a whole lot more distinctions and had had numerous opportunities to test my ideas in real classroom situations, to pull them apart and put them back together.

What I have discovered from the feedback that I have had both from my readers online and from the many teachers that I have worked with is that my approach works.

What has kept me writing and coaching is that one fact: that I do have something to offer that can and does transform the day to day experience of teachers in their classrooms.

That something is different, it's unique and totally practical: I give you principles and skills. You always know what to do and why it works.

The Future

I actually find the power of the Internet inspiring and my vision is to help move teacher training forward into the 21st century.

I have lost count of the number of teachers who have told me how little information they were actually given as trainees about Behavior management.

When I come to work with them as newly qualified teachers, I then find that they have a hunger for ongoing coaching.

When I look back to my own experience, it took me a good five years to finally feel that I was 'getting the hang of' discipline.

Why does nothing exist online to guide people through their journey?

That is my next project and if you buy the Behavior Blueprint I sincerely hope that you will become part of a growing online community of teachers who believe the same.

New Kindle Edition!

Thank you to all my readers who bought The Behavior Blueprint from this website and took the time to submit reviews. I have now thrown in my lot with Amazon, which allows me to reduce the price and hopefully to open up the readership. If you would like to submit a review, please do so now via Amazon.

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