Classroom Discipline problems?
Need some Teaching Strategies?

Which teaching strategies are the secret to classroom discipline? Why can some teachers walk into any class and magically take control?

If this is not the case for you, perhaps you need some simple ideas to inspire you?

This site will show you precisely how the 'magic' works and how you can master it in weeks rather than years.

Ready to go? Just hop over to the 'Status' button on the left for one of the biggest secrets that I have discovered in my eighteen-year career.

I have been using these strategies regularly with consistent success, in some of the most demanding inner-city schools. I have also taught them to many new teachers, struggling with classroom management. And they work. What's the secret? Here are a few of the key insights that will transform your experience of teaching:

⁃You will discover NLP; the key brain technology that helps you model success. In class and in life.

⁃You will find your unique 'voice' and teacher persona.

⁃You will become a 'status' player and keep one step ahead in classroom discipline.

⁃You will practice assertive discipline.

⁃You will teach to your students' learning styles to reach them more quickly.

⁃You will master lesson planning for all abilities.

⁃You will learn to prioritize your health and stay organized.

Good luck and remember to enjoy the process!

Teaching Strategies for Classroom Discipline

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What people are saying:

'Looks like we have a very high quality addition to the educational twittersphere. Rob really knows his behaviour onions' @futurebehaviour.

'Really useful advice. Thank you! Helps consolidate everything I felt but didn't know how to put into words'. Jane. MFL Teacher, London.

Using your material helped me so much in my practice lesson. They were so impressed with my classroom management; they offered me the job! Melissa, Cover Supervisor, London.